Distant Mountains


13 comments on “Distant Mountains”

  1. So so beautiful Eunice…. Hope your Mom feels better soon!….. Diane

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  2. The placement of the ground and the given colors make the picture deep as 3D water painting.

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    • I swear I do not know about all that art stuff I wet the paper mixed the paint into puddles and just let my mind go there so thank you very much for commenting on my gmail communities I got a lot of LIKES just never enough feedback to know why 🙂 HUGS
      I did 3 with the same colors I had mixed for this one 🙂


  3. Thoughts are going out to you and your Mom, you’re a good daughter. Lovely painting Eunice ~

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  4. Wishing all the best and a speedy recovery to your Mom Eunice!
    Unwinding with your brush is a wonderful way to channel some stress out and this is really a beautiful painting! Thinking of you!

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  5. What are you using for your dark – black, grey or blue? Combinations?

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  6. This is gorgeous Eunice. Thank you for sharing your lovely art work with us.

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  7. Reblogged this on Living and Lovin and commented:

    Mom is back in rehab after hopefully a successful repair of the new knew replacement. I find I have settled in using calming colors for me as I pick up my wet brush and being to try to unwind I pray she will be better than ever soon


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